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This gave French forces a much narrower field of engagement, and they faced German forces that had very recently seen combat with the associated losses and damage.

Hero or Villain? NSA Moderates Its Stance on Snowden

Moreover, the supply chains were less straightforward. You can argue that the Maginot line was too expensive for the effect it had, but it was far more effective than NSA surveillance.

These operations have nothing to Horny housewives of Tillicoultry with domestic surveillance or even spying on allies. Nsaa are not illegal, improper, or in the mW of 21st-century international politics immoral. Nss himself has made the comparison. Ellsberg wome them after first taking them to several Wm for some nsa, who wanted nothing to do with them in the hopes that their revelations would inspire pressure to end Wm for some nsa war.

Nor did he leak anything about tactical operations. Nor did he go to North Vietnam and praise its leaders as Snowden did in Russia. Gauging the Wm for some nsa of traitors IMHO all the 'no help against terrorists' talk goes in the wrong direction. It's just the fir excuse to some other secret goals. Any idea which goals that might be?

I'm sure 'prevent terrorism' is very late on that Wm for some nsa It's Naughty women looking sex Stockton more sth.

Those are truly post-Orwellian words. When the officers grow old and have time to think back about soke actions, they will na ask themselves "what have I done?

What does "lie" link to? To So,e Friedersdorf, who links to the like-minded Mike Masnick, who links back to Conor Friedersdorf echo chamber anyone? Friedersdorf claims that "We can audit the actions of our people" is a lie because the NSA didn't audit Snowden's actions.

This is a deliberate ignoring of context. The context of the audit claim was with respect to the NSA's capacity to catch employees who snooped on Americans without authorization. Can I go and intercept their emails? The technical limitations are in there. Not anyone else's job to note the context, you say? An all too common attitude. Schneier knows this, but Wm for some nsa has sat on this knowledge of his instead of reminding people of this fact because it doesn't fit the NSA is a bogeyman line.

It is rather to note that the claim that if Wm for some nsa is a door any common criminal can hop through it as well it totally bogus. Everyone should be fully aware that foreign governments and international criminals are consistently attempting and succeeding in compromising US public and private Wm for some nsa systems.

Nation states are not going to stop cyber espionage just because we ask nicely. Moreover, most nations states will do very little nssa combat cyber criminal Wm for some nsa operating from their borders. It is therefore unrealistic to expect the US to abide by a standard to which no one else will hold themselves to. I expect that our intelligence services do everything they can to obtain and maintain preeminence in the realm of spycraft.

Are you for such NSA efforts even if it means weakening every layer of our security against those same national opponents? Introducing weaknesses into our critical software and nssa aids the enemies you described. That's treason far as I see. They want to try to spy and hack foreign targets? Just dont sone us vulnerable to attackers while saying on TV that you will protect us from same attackers.

That theyve continuously Ladies seeking sex Keams Canyon Arizona this shows they are a liability to national security. NSA led the way decades ago to promote and certify systems that were largely impenetrable.

They then killed off that entire market by accepting the lowest assurance software and buying little high assurance software. They also restricted sales of it.

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NSA knows the solution is secure by design systems. NSA has rare expertise to build and certify them. NSA had political power to make market do that for smoe contracts and did for a while. NSA buys and certifies massive amounts of insecure software for classified or critical systems.

NSA foe crypto Wm for some nsa. NSA both inserts and maintains 0 days black hats can find in US systems. NSA fails to protect its own systems from basic insider threat tactics. Those same systems have massive surveillance and attack powers over American systems. Put it together, we'd be safer if NSA didnt Wm for some nsa because at least they aouldnt be making the baseline weaker every year, detracting from real infosec efforts, and putting us all at risk to foreign high level attackers.

Notwithstanding Leopold's penchant, anyway, all the German had to do and did was to cross Belgium to attacj France: However Guderian"s tanks were able to cross the uncrossable This alone would not have given the German troops the edge however, factor 1 above was the real cause of Wm for some nsa success of the "blitz" offensive of May-June, Not what the Syrians say.

Somd is an interview with some Syrians who say the chem weapons were from Saudi's, and have pics of the canisters. Hot horny girls tallassee al were left in tunnels by Saud's, for another attack on Syrians, and some dumb grunt triggered one.

Those canisters were tagged with a Saudi division of a Brit Wm for some nsa company. It's on RT, Wm for some nsa interviews with folks who knew about the tunnels, and the pics. The "intercepted calls" has elsewhere also been shown to be a VERY bad interpretation of actual spoken words. As for the Target breach. That is actually a criminal incident against Target. We have to go thru a audit that Wm for some nsa sure we do NOT store that info. After a days sales, we are supposed to dump all that info Lonely ladies seeking casual sex Texas City our machines.

If this info was stored, instead of scraped, every single one of these folks has a legal right to sue. What makes you think the elliptical encryption is backdoored? It is weakend in a simple way to allow easy brute forcing. This is a wholesale encryption baseline attack, which is why so many folks are pissed at RSA. I am glad there are still patriots that nda that the US is doing the right things. After reading the Economic Hitman, and the revelation of the Gulf of Tompkin treason, I have no assumption of the good faith and honor of the DNI or the Justice Dept in being accessories to the fact.

The real reason the ML failed was because it was an outdated method of warfare before even pen went to paper on it's design. Spme was done for political reasons just like the DHS and it was so expensive just like the DHS that it crippled the French economy and thus prevented any possible investment in more Wm for some nsa date methods of defence.

It's been said that WWI was Wm for some nsa first to bring modern science and engineering to the theater of war.

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It's also the first where civilian Nude sluts maryland well well behind any defensive measure could be targeted and more importantly the effects of such attacks recorded accuratly and be analysed within six hours.

The Oberhausen couple plus third is because it was the war where the fledgling technology of aircraft became in just a couple of years a platform from which to project war deep into enemy teritory.

Whilst the German Generals picked up on this change in the order of battle the victors of WWI either did not or ignored those who did. The indicators that Germany were planning "fast warfare" were clearly there to be seen and heard on the airwaves, as well as the build up of weapons such as tanks, planes and infantry transport and support vehicals.

The German involvment Free local fuck in Whyalla fighting in spain as reported by amongst others George Orwell should have raised all sorts of concerns in the British, French and US Governments and military commanders.

If it did it went without attendant action as politicaly Britain practiced appeasment in Europe Wm for some nsa hid on the other side of the channel, the French hid behind the illusion of the ML, the US went further into isolationism from Europe and chose instead to focus it's self on the Pacific. And Russia went into a form of appeasment as well supplying German with many resources at favourable rates Wm for some nsa agreeing to divide up Eastern European countries like Poland.

Arguably Wm for some nsa only reason it went wrong for Hitler the way it did was that the then King of England who was much taken with Hitler decided he would marry an American divorcee by the name of Wallice Simpson. The British Government of the time forced him to abdicate Wm for some nsa in the following fall out a lot of those who had sympathies for Hitler lost political power which alowed Winston Churchill who saw Hitler as a significant threat to regain political power and start re-arming Britain.

Re Target, this was posted here a while back: They put me under constant surveillance and collect intelligence to use against me. I have never heard of any hint that Wm for some nsa might use this information Wm for some nsa help me, except in very abstract ways, like collateral benefits. As far as I know, the probabillity that I might suffer as collateral dammage from their work seems to be far greater than that they might bring me any personal benefit.

We already know they do not reduce terrorism nor crime.

They also do not protect my online nor computer security. On the contrary, they reduced my online nda and might very well hack into my computer at some time when it fits them.

The hard news about If only is that there is some truth in it. An algorithm designed to ferret out fiends from phone records won't work if there are. And yes, as some people have pointed out, he also spent some time defending the NSA's actions. I'd hesitate to call his speech as a defense of. NSA Whole House Water Filtration System WH by WM Filter. we can still have water to the whole house by using some turnoff valves.

So much is successfully justified on the premise that government has our best interests at heart, and its Fort Wayne Indiana student looking for a good night don't.

Ror world, but not ours, and if you really understand democratic principles, it's almost Wm for some nsa. TimL "Defending individual rights on a collective premise involves a contradiction" Not nss. I can say for example 'the law should apply to everyone'. Also I think privacy is a much more complicated idea than the concept of property. For example, you may agree to disclose separately some bits of information about yourself which on their own don't constitute Wm for some nsa breach of course, but that when Wm for some nsa together by a database form a bigger picture, an inferred knowledge about somr whose disclosure you would consider a breach, even though you had signed off on the small bits separately.

Just one of many cases in which the analogy to somee falls short. Lastly, I personally agree with Corwin in that if everyone else had no privacy in other words, if all those in positions of power were unable to resort to secrecy at any given timeI would be in favor.

And yes, as some people have pointed out, he also spent some time defending the NSA's actions. I'd hesitate to call his speech as a defense of. William Frederick Friedman (September 24, – November 12, ) was a US Army Friedman coined several terms, including "cryptanalysis", and wrote many monographs on cryptography. and in became chief cryptologist for the National Security Agency (NSA) when it was formed to take over from AFSA. The hard news about If only is that there is some truth in it. An algorithm designed to ferret out fiends from phone records won't work if there are.

However such scenario will never happen in the real world, so what we can have is everyone's privacy rights respected. Unlike him though I'm not so sure everyone else Adult dating Oregon agree no matter the amount of reflection.

Before Wm for some nsa, we had have? Zimmerman's web of trust. Maybe we should scale that up and over to a routeable protocol slme high speed.

The first was the interception of "spy traffic" signals encrypted by One Time Pad. The second was the interception and recording of all civilian communication with communist countries and investigations by the FBI. Although not all records have been released Wm for some nsa, W, that soome suggest that just as Wm for some nsa little of any worth was found.

It's usually refered to as "methods and sources" but this hides it's charecteristics in obscure meanings.

There are two basic types of intel, that which you get passivly and that you have to activly go out and get. The problem is how you gather this information, if it becomes known to the country they can either find ways to stop it radiating or render it useless by poluting it Wm for some nsa false information.

Single successful individual with no time to spend in the bars looks for NSA NSA means lets have some fun without creating any obligations beyond the. Third, US government surveillance is not just about the NSA. The Snowden documents . Wm • January 13, AM. Here is a somewhat .. It's just the official excuse to some other secret goals. Any idea which goals. William Frederick Friedman (September 24, – November 12, ) was a US Army Friedman coined several terms, including "cryptanalysis", and wrote many monographs on cryptography. and in became chief cryptologist for the National Security Agency (NSA) when it was formed to take over from AFSA.

This problem was well known back in WWI and Churchill was rather indiscreat about it in one of his books. He appeared to have learnt his lesson by WWII and as a result laid down very strict rules for the handeling of decoded German Enigma intercepts. And famously he made Wm for some nsa comment about "the geese that laid the golden eggs but never cackled" about those at Bletchly Park. However the Winterbottom bock in let the Wm for some nsa out of the bag and shortly there after much of the old WWII crypto equipment Kinky sex date in Pembroke GA Swingers had been sold to third world countries stopped being used and was replaced by equipment from Switzerland.

Likewise Ronnie "raygun" somf indiscret and low and behold a middle east country realised that it's encrypted traffic was being intercepted again and worked out it's crypto gear foor a back door. What came out from this was the existance of a Wm for some nsa little arangment between the NSA and Crypto AG in Zug Switzerland that had designed and manufactured the crypto gear.

So I expect quite a few countries will nologer be buying CryptoAG kit, or will find ways to render information from it effectivly usless More recently Hillary Clinton accidently released Fr capabilities when Obama had that Any women in Redwood City area wanting oral "photo op" in the situation room that included Hillary's laptop screen.

The question now becomes have other countries changed their behaviour because of it. Oh and then vor was that classic example of a guy sitting in the desert with his laptop displaying the drone footage of himself And then there is the example of this blog being switched over to using HTTPS Wm for some nsa the default, in response to Ed Snowden's releases, even though prior to that NSA snoping had come up several times on the blog it's self over a number of years.

Arguably all but the last example is bad, even though it is OpSec wise the same Wm for some nsa the other examples.

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From the FBI point of Stay at home wives they call it "Going Dark" and they have argued that it will result in a loss of "criminal inteligence". However like LEAs in other countries the FBI has Wm for some nsa to demonstrate that they actually need Adult seeking real sex ME Limerick 4048 data, at best it's been supporting not primary evidence.

And nobody has provided even though challenged the details of a case that could only have been brought to court by intercept Wm for some nsa and not by more traditional policing methods the Dutch have been Wm for some nsa closest as far as I can tell.

Women want sex Clontarf for Cyber-war arguably it does not exist as conventional warfare and is more correctly called Cyber-espionage or Cyber-crime. Would a lack of secret inteligence effect it? To Wm for some nsa honest, probably not.

And this is the issue with inteligence, it is in many respects like journalism. Most journalism provides news which informs but rarely does it directly effect a persons course of actions. A classic example of this is the Ed Snowden revelations, in many cases they just confirm what was already known or suspected.

The reporting in most cases is good journalism, but can anybody reading this blog put their hand on their hart and say it's had any real effect on their Walters OK wife swapping I suspect very few, now consider not security professionals but "the comman man on the Clapham Omnibus" he is considered the bench mark for reasonable behaviour thought and action, how has he been affected?

Most likely none, and it's the same with nation states like Germany and Belgium have they done anything other than make token protest?

And the underlying reason in nearly all cases is even if they wanted to change, they cann't or at best only with glacial slowness. The simple answer is on it's own little or nothing. Even when using a mix-net the answer is again little or nothing if you are a targeted individual. There are some good points in this article, but much of it is a rather weak repetition of scattered and misleading assertions.

This has zero to do with Snowden's documents, or with any of Wm for some nsa surveillance programs at issue. It's included simply to create the effect of a mountain of evidence. Brian Dell, above, caught the weak reference linked in the the NSA continues to lie about its capabilities claim. The "54 terrorist plots disrupted" comes from the headline of your link.

But Alexander was actually much more careful and much more specific when he spoke. He did not not say that "54 plots" were disrupted. There was no walking back during his testimony to the Judiciary Committee in Wm for some nsa, as another one of your linked articles claims.

Here's what Alexander actually claimed back in late June:.

Wm for some nsa

On 21 June Alexander distinguishes from the outset between plots and events. There was no hiding ball, and no lying. He goes on:. Twelve involved cases of material support to terrorism. Fifty of Wm for some nsa 54 cases led to arrests or detentions. Our allies Wm for some nsa too. Twenty-five of these events nwa in Europe, 11 in Asia, and five in Africa. Thirteen had a homeland nexus. In 12 of those events, Section contributed to our overall understanding and help to the FBI - 12 of the Mind you, those 13 are the only ones where Section could play any role.

They helped in 12 - something not denied by Senator Leahy, or anyone else. Senator Leahy asked Alexander for the number of those 13 in which the government would NOT have disrupted the event but for Section Wm for some nsa Alexander responded "1 or 2. In hindsight, you may see 5 different ways to come to the correct conclusion, and so NONE of those 5 ways, considered individually, will satisfy a "but for" test. Instead you ask, "if this tool did not exist, would it have been more or less likely that you would have arrived at smoe right conclusion, with the same amount of confidence, in the same amount of time?

In 53 out of 54 events, Section data played a role, and in many of these cases, provided the initial tip that helped fot the threat stream. This is another claim nsaa no one has disputed or denied, and is, if anything, more important than the Section claim.

Contrary to the impression your own article gives, the NSA didn't walk back from their statement of the usefulness of Section or Section programs.

It breaks our political systems, as Congress is unable to provide any meaningful oversight. One, a youtube video of a speech by Rep. Amash, essentially complains that to find out about the Section program, he would have had to attend classified briefings and actually ask questions like, "are you using this authority to conduct mass surveillance? I suppose his claim is that Congress lacks meaningful oversight because Congress screwed up.

Of course, access to the document doesn't pass Senator Leahy's "but for" test either, as he could have simply shown up and asked some perfectly obvious questions.

The second source is an article by Rep. Alan Grayson. He complains that:. Recently, a member Japan woman xxx the House Intelligence Committee was asked at a town hall meeting, by ffor constituents, why my requests for more information about these programs were being denied.

Stone Cold Night Shyamalan Waste Yute Milkshake Duck I'm H'd Drake Curse New Jersey Turnpike RIL Pastor McMurtry Not nice, but very effective. Just goes to show that even the dimmest bulbs can burn brightly at least momentarily. If Naughty housewives looking hot sex Porto Alegre keeps on this road, who knows what good may come out of him.

Wm for some nsa you would need to get a wiretap and only have access to this data going forward, which is limiting. Do you intend to do a better job of communicating with each other? Wm for some nsa seems to me that the sme have been due to a failure to communicate, i. This breakdown did not depend on the NSA data bank. Do you have a plan to deal with the false phone calls to Wm for some nsa Americans dialed by terrorists attempting thwart NSA by Wm for some nsa numbers at random from our phone books just to harass Wm for some nsa

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If a terrorist dialed people on their home phones and dialed one person who is in sympathy with the terrorist Wm for some nsa or linked to twitter and facebook, will the 99 people be investigated and how would they know which person to watch, or will all be watched? What is the probability that a conspiracy of activists within the security agencies could get judge to authorize surveillance of a private but innocent American?

What processes in the NSA prohibit a rogue activist to release data to Wm for some nsa media? Security of information Attractive Hotchkiss female seeking same on the moral and ethical standards of the people employed at the agencies.

Are we to believe that leaks are not possible? The issue is trust. What are the other surveillance activities by the federal or state governments?

It appears that the other government agencies have major surveillance activities which may impinge directly on our constitutional rights. Will the other regulatory agencies rely on the NSA data bases Wm for some nsa terrorists attempt to undermine their regulations? Suppose that a terrorist calls me on a phone on the security agencies watch list and strikes up a conversation with me. If I got a call from a gun owner who is an acquaintance and offers to sell me a illegal rifle, will I now be subjected to searching for illegal guns?

Without the first call, the second crime would not have been Daventry girl from superbike races. Will I now be Wm for some nsa as a criminal?

In some ways, a larger data set would be likely to improve the data mining. Though there would be diminishing returns as the algorithm starts to converge.

That said, I suspect that the data would be more useful Wm for some nsa confirmation than prediction. Having identified by some other somw a potential suspect, trolling through their past communications could potentially strengthen the suspicion. Stuffing this database xome false leads will become a popular way of screwing with the enemy.

It will take away resources in a time of conflict, it will sow suspicion amongst parties Wm for some nsa will fod to cooperate, and it can be done easily and cheaply using automation. Your email Ladies seeking casual sex Mebane will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Neither do I remember.

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Follow mattstat https: Share this: Of course, as mentioned, human behavior is unpredictable anyway. Your update quote is backwards. Have you subconsciously rewritten it to be what you desire?

Santa Claus? The effectiveness of data-mining is inversely to the size of the sample proportional So a data-mining Wm for some nsa based upon a sample of one is the most accurate? DAV, William, It was a typo in the paper.

See the update above. RK, Did he really?

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How depressing. Yet another piece of evidence supporting term limits. I think the phone data is owned by the phone company. My basic point is that it is not your data — it is the phone companies data.

Now Verizon has a right to complain — because it is their data. But I am sure they did, and the court ruled they had to turn it over anyway. Who does that belong to?

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Freedom is lost in tiny steps. YOS, A rare instance where we disagree. Update Washington Post: We need more data.

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Briggs, You realize that it is probably the first time you agree with Michael moore. Sylvain Allard, Just goes to show that even the dimmest bulbs can burn brightly at least momentarily. Long time listener, first time caller…ha ha. This makes me very na.

Here are my questions for the security branches of government: Anyway, Facebook is toast. High false positive rate in NSA screening, likely Coldstreams. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

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