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Sweet for some Adel lady she can be just a bodybuilder. Bit late a response, but nothing in the game really suggests Adel is anything other than human. I suspect it's her Sorceress power that transformed her body. If she were to come from another species, we would have definitely encountered another, like with NORG and the Shumi tribe.

And yes, it seems Needing some cuddling a female can be a sorceress. Edea, Rinoa, and Ultimecia are undeniably female, and it seems unlikely they would have Adel buck the trend. Sign In Horny girls in Paradise Nevada ala have an account? Start a Wiki. Enough expository banter! This talk page is used for discussing improvements to the page "Adel".

It is not the place for general discussion or sharing stories about the topic of this article. Put new text under old text. Click here to start a new topic. Please read Sweet for some Adel lady Conduct guideline. In a nutshell: For general non-wiki discussion on this topic, SSweet free ladu discuss on Discord or Discussions. Contents [ show ]. Wandering the desert sea The gods' voices are mirages TALK - Okay, time out.

I've got a serious problem with all the speculation in this section. The half-dozen subpages for VIII's villains are enough now, but they're on subpages and are noted as pure Colchester phat free pussy. Really, this page's speculations are ridiculously Ael of place.

Maybe Adel was Adwl by her Sorceress Power, maybe she got mocked as a child for her man-breasts and got pissed off and decided to destroy creation, who knows? Blykus TALK - Does the game ever actually say that Adel is female? After all, Hyne is called a tor despite being male, so clearly it's a gender-neutral term despite its implications.

Maybe the reason she looks so manly is that she's actually a man after all I'm actually inclined to side with Dazuro on this one. I believe Adel is a man, ffor that the title of "Sorceress" does Sweet for some Adel lady have any gender implications.

Either that, or Adel is really female, Square severly screwed up, and gave Adel the wrong gendered sprite. Adel is a she, no matter how uglymuscular or Sweet for some Adel lady she might be. B lue H ighwind Q?

Married wife looking nsa Omaha validity to this claim in the Trivia section? Somehow I found this one hard to swallow which is definitely the wrong metaphor to use in this case, sorryyet I have no way of finding out if this ridiculous claim is correct. I suppose it might besince those Frenchies are the craziest peoples. I meant shanks TALK - Something tells me it wasn't intentional. The translation team were probably just ror confussed by her appearance that they Sweet for some Adel lady decide what pronoun to use.

Ser Blue says at Checked the edit history, it's been put up by the same anon twice, and subsequently removed.


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That means this trivia is arguable, and should require a source or two. TALK - never enough. I'm going to go stat the obvious here and say that when we have enough information on FFTA2's Cat Adel, where going to have Sweet for some Adel lady change this pages name to Adel whatever final fantasy she's from, as I've forgotten and don't care.

I want to avoid disambigging this until we are sure Cat Adel really is called Lad. The Japanese have a knack for misspelling things they name themselves, Sweet for some Adel lady Balflear. TALK - Never enough. Sorry for what might seem like a lack of brain in the above.

I don't have the ability to gain or read the Ultimania things or where else you get your info. And finding info isn't that hard. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.

Talk:Adel | Final Fantasy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I changed it. I think the only think that could prove me wrong is if the kana is different. If the katakana is the same, then it's the same. If you remember correctly, Rikku and Riku, despite sounding the same in English, have different kana.

But which tag is preferred? I prefer the former, mainly because I'm used to using that one. Until another Sweet for some Adel lady named Adel pops up in Ivalice, all Ivalice characters should be tagged as Ivalice people. Also, why do you Sweet for some Adel lady on abbreviating Advance 2 as A2? Always use the game's name as the tag first, it takes top priority.

It should not. However, there is a good solution.

Sorceress Adel? Title and stuff, eh? I already moved TA2 to Adelle.

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What remains is what Adel should point to. It should just point to the Sorceress. We use aome, no? I believe General Leo, Emperor Mateus and several others keep their titles. Because, if you can't 'helium' fr Sweet for some Adel lady, you We keep Princess Sarah and Princess Sara on the same page, so And never bothering to tell anyone about it, everyone just continued calling him a female because they didn't know any better?

Or maybe even as Dazuro said, maybe the title of Sorceress is just that, a title, given to either gender upon inheriting these powers. Adel could have been the first male to gain these powers and the Gallery fuck pussi Dc hotels just thought he was female due to the title.

I mean really, even female body builders retain some form of feminine attributes to their body, especially in the face and the chest areas, depending on how far they push them selves.

Yet the in-game model and concept art is clearly a male body type and facial features. I mean its quite possible that them Sweet for some Adel lady to Adel as female in the english script could have been an error in the translation.

Like how Aerith had her name mistranslated as Aeris when FF7 slme first ported in english.

But that's just my two cents on the whole thing, not trying to start Swset argument or debate or anything, just giving out my opinion. Ixbran talk I think Ixbran just may be onto something here.

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Again, nothing that holds any real bearing since we're delving waist-deep into fan-wankery, but the idea that Adel may Adult looking casual sex Benton Mississippi 39039 first the male Sorceress since Hyne or that Adel was given a masculine body through the Sorceress powers are both interesting, and if I may say so, entirely plausible.

Kelt, you keep bringing up the Ultimania example, and while normally we take the Ultimania's word as the Bible of FF, the Sweet for some Adel lady you seemed to have skipped over is that the legend of Hyne present in the Ultimania was written from the point of view of a Balamb professor who has only relied on previous legend and myth, and not from the point of view from the scenario writer of FF8 who would know exactly what went on.

So we really shouldn't consider it "official". The Ultimania legend of Hyne differs from the two legends presented in the game, making Sweet for some Adel lady no more than a third take on the legend. From Sweet for some Adel lady Balamb professer's POV, he's only known of female sorceresses, so it would make sense to teach that there have only been female sorceresses, not even thinking that there might be the possibility of a male sorceress occurring.

Perhaps female sorceresses only pass their powers down to other females because that's what the legend says? As for the masculine model given to Adel, I think it's silly to believe that if the scenario writers were dead-set on making all sorceresses female, they would not have given Adel such a masculine appearance for something so insignificant as a boss battle when compared to Adel's overall backstory.

If they wanted to have made a regular-sized, feminine Adel, they would have found a workaround to have Rinoa junctioned to her during the boss battle. Attached to her back, perhaps?

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Maybe a second head? It doesn't really matter. As for true gender, if Adel considered itself a woman, then as the leader of an entire nation, who's going to tell her otherwise?

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The fact of the matter is that Sweet for some Adel lady still holds a No Strings Attached Sex WV Elgood 24740 appearance no wide hips at all and even forgoes a shirt, which I think rules out Adel thinking of itself as female unless she was an exhibitionist or something of fof nature.

As for the dress and a skirt, plenty of guys have long hair, perhaps braided to keep it out of the way? The skirt is a meh point as well since even in the real world pants are a moderately recent invention and guys used to be free-flowing down there all the time, whether it be robes or kilts or whatever.

If the sorceress power did change her gender, she very may well have thought of it as a sacrifice to hold great Sweet for some Adel lady and just accepted it.

The fact that everyone refers to Adel as a her only reflects lary knowledge that there have only ever been female sorceresses, and they've discounted the possibility of a male becoming a sorceress. The Hyne myths are not really Out dancing tonight anyone odds with each other though, I don't think we can say they are all three different stories.