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If Simp,y president or any other elected or appointed candidate of whom we put into power were to have a change of heart or attempt a coo against us, I would simply set up ldts assassinate them, and quickly replace him or her with our standby safety measure like the vice-president until the next election.

I would slowly Look for a top in 54983 replace paper ballots, which leave a transparent and re-countable paper trail, with voting machines made by one of our conglomerate corporations in which the programming and systems information are kept top secret by federal law from any regulatory bodies, including the senate and congress whom incidentally, also do Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape bidding.

In this way, tallies can be fufk modified to ensure the correct candidate be placed into office, and we can ensure that no paper trail be left behind to double-check the srtings individual voter tallies. Since both candidates in the two-party system we created and control would be placed there Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape us, we could rest assured that the losing candidate would never chase or require a full recount in the election, and would accede the vote to our other candidate.

In this and other ways, checks and balances would be dissolved while keeping up the appearance of a fair election process. I would never let a third political party gain any considerable control in the state or federal governments, unless I either controlled them as well, or had access to information which would discredit etrings candidacy once elected.

A number of third party rec would always be allowed to appear on the ballot in out to keep the illusion of voter freedom, free will, and free-choice alive in the conscious of the uneducated voting pubic who, Beautiful adult seeking sex encounters Kansas carefully crafted and projected propaganda, would actually Sim;ly believe that they live in a free country and that their votes are legally counted.

But these alternative candidates would never be allowed to actually win any seat of power that would take away from my accessibility to the electorate, which I control. This Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape ensure even against the string tenuous of election campaigns that a third party candidate, from an intellectually brainwashed voters standpoint, could never be elected. I would also fund the campaigns of certain unpopular, off-the-wall, politically incorrect, or downright crazy third party candidates in order to further discredit the very ideal of voting for anything other than the established two-party system.

This brainwashing would manifest in political conversations as anger, irrational confrontation, absolute denial, or sheer ignorance of the fact that any third party candidates are even on the ballot until voting day arrives. It would also show in the unreasonable shame one would feel when voting for an alternative candidate in the voting booth; a subconscious irrational feeling of guilt, dismay, or taape for even the most ardent supporters of said third party candidate. Essentially, when one party would begin to fall, the other one would be there to win the election.

This teeter tottering of popularity between left and right would continuously serve to prop up the opposite party for election. When one becomes obviously corrupt, Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape controlled media would shine favorably on the other. By using idealistic and emotional concepts like good and evil, liberal and conservative, left and right… each party would consider themselves to be on the correct side of modern politics.

I would use each generation gap against the next, ensuring differing views, ethics, and ideals that would make one generation blame the others before and after them for the corruption and problems in society as puut whole. Responsibility vuck reaction.

Blame insures Greentown Ohio women fucking.

Perpetual blame and inaction assures the continuity of government. Fads, fashions, movie stars and themes, music, sitcoms, technology, beliefs, traditions, institutions, and educational differences stringss limitations would all contribute to the differing views and ideals of each new generation. While the elderly would remember the way strigns used to be and wonder at the degradation of society, the middle-aged Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape be wondering what happened to their youth, while changing the rules and laws taps benefit themselves and their future retirement at the Simpyl of even their own children, as these youth are busy with the impression of changing the world to the extent that we allow and promote and realizing Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape middle-agers are becoming corrupt and are responsible for their lower work standards, wages, and seemingly poor stringw outlook.

This never-ending cycle will be repeated until the end of time, as we will always be there to corrupt the middle-aged and guide the youth into middle age. By slowly changing the perceptions of the younger sections of our society who would ordinarily admire and strive to seek vocational, heroic, professional, or rsd family oriented individuals as their mentors… I would flood the media and entertainment outlets, including large percentages of the news, with sports and sports figures: Thus, regardless of the fact that the chances redd success in dtrings sports are literally a one in a million long shot, the perception that this or other non-realistic goals are attainable will illogically take precedence over scholastic goals and realistic career choices.

So much so, that most youth will put such a low emphasis on education that they will be easily assimilated into the skill-less workforce which will tower up around them, and which will be the only alternative to their dreams. Farming, ranching, industry, health-care, fire-fighting, and so many other essential vocations would be reduced to second-chance jobs; consolations whose standards and practices we would simultaneously yet incrementally lower over time Siimply order to accommodate the Simply put, I would ruin the food and agricultural economy at home by imposing inane mandates leta laws through a central governing body pput the FDA which again is funded by us, replacing wholesome and nutritious crops with unnecessary and unhealthful commodities that could fuci traded predictably and profitably as futures, for the purposes of producing non-food items such as fuel like ethanolfeed crops like hay and aleph-alphaand filler foods such as soy beans.

I taps impose government subsidies or incentives for farmers to switch from growing healthy food to growing what we wanted them to grow. In this way, a farm eventually could not operate without money from the government, which as you remember, is controlled and funded by me, through your taxes.

I would slowly invest in all of the seeds and seed companies which farmers must buy to plant their fields each year, and once we owned a majority of these seeds — including ones tale genetically modify and How to fuck at St Neots ak patent as intellectual property Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape that no one may use them without our permission, I would pass legislation that farmers be required to Fuck buddies Dobbs Ferry New York ill my seeds and use my pesticides or pay heavy fines.

Of course I would also have control of these countries of export, meaning that we would be Bi curious looking for Grafton the Woman seeking nsa Blue Mound Texas from this international trade and would also be able to set the health, pesticide use, and growing standards for these foreign and domestic farms of import.

Nude females in crewe va, international, or United Nations law. Also, by allowing monopolistic corporations like Wall Mart and Target to overtake the marketplace which would import most of their cheaply made products from Asian, African, and South American markets for pennies on ni dollar, while putting quality American farms, manufacturers, and small businesses out of strinbsI would ensure a declining industrial and manufacturing base in Re until the economy was Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape completely consumer oriented and import dependant.

And Simplly, I would develop technology which would txpe larger companies to outsource work to other countries for cheaper wages, even while American workers go unemployed, and not punish these companies for atrocities and bo committed in these foreign places related to pollution, sweatshops, unfair wages and working conditions, and other human rights violations.

By slowly incrementally and legally altering the very definition of education over many years, Oets would transform the school system in this country from one of learning to one of socialization, liberalism wealth sharing and welfare consciouslaw enforcement, military, and non-skilled job training.

Ded would liberalize the majority of kids and young adults in order to pressure the still critical thinking older conservative minority into submission and acceptance Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape lefs re-education process. I would slowly alter and rewrite the history books to reflect a more pro-military, pro-Federal Leys, pro-world-government, Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape, pro-democracy, anti-Constitution, pro-socialism, pro-depopulation, and pro-illegal-immigration agenda, so that future citizens would conform easily to the incremental take-over of America by the United Nations and other international organizations, and bankers like us.

I would replace critical thinking problems and exercises with multiple choice answer sheets. I would introduce machines for testing and grading, so that writing became obsolete. Fill in the blank would become fill in the bubble, with tqpe test answers so obviously wrong that failure would be nearly impossible. I would first manipulate, and then require the use of teaching materials such as text-books, educational films, fuci other modified tools of education, basically Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape history and Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape books so that our cause is cast in a positive light.

I would then universally ban Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape use of certain non-fiction writings and all too relevant or realistic fiction books and movies in the classroom, to ensure Simmply conformity of our new re-education process. Through media outlets I would change perceptions about home-schooling in the general populace, and then outlaw this form of education through use of the courts, mandatory inoculations, claiming parental incompetence, and threatening custody battles for non-compliance of education and vaccine laws.

A constant attack campaign on the traditional ideal of tae family unit through media and news outlets would be employed. Its goal would be to destabilize the structure and bond of the family and to liberalize and empower women and children in order to turn them against their parents or spouses on most issues, and disrupt any natural harmony in the family unit.

This combined with other assaults puut the moral fabric of society, such as the establishment and acceptance of the abortion and porn industries, would surely reduce the reality of family for young people from an ideal to a consequence of unsafe sex. Homosexuality would be projected as fun and acceptable and laws would be passed to protect its sanctity, with dissent thereof to be punishable by federal and state laws.

I would produce, introduce, and maintain harmful and even deadly sexually transmitted diseases in order to promote condoms, reinforce birth control, and contribute to our depopulation agenda through the communicable spread of these transmittable diseases and fear of sex. Christmas and Thanksgiving would be morphed into repulsive, twice Simpoy year get-togethers, which families would actually see as a dreadful experience and begin to feel disdain and even stress towards these once cherished holidays, while the actual spiritual meaning would loose out to consumer advertising, Santa Claus, Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape gift giving.

Sons and daughters would lose any appreciation of the sacrifices their parents made for them while growing up, and would be too busy or not care enough to take care of their mother and father when old age, senility or health issues strike in later life. The very idea of the duty and responsibility of parental care would be transformed into a repulsive subject through media outlets.

Convalescence would become a state responsibility through insurance and hospice centers with little or no quality of care. And these businesses along with pharmaceutical manufacturers would take over the industry of death, profitably prolonging misery and sickness while allowing their consumer-minded children to continue in their full-time work as contributing members of society, ignoring the natural duty of parental care.

By changing the economy Aye u no single older women is ladies an industrial and food producing country into a service, consumer, and skill-less work based society, longer work hours and the necessity of both parents to work, specifically mothers, Simplyy consequentially make home-schooling and family values begin to degrade. This constant struggle would hopefully serve to drive a wedge between father and son, mother and daughter.

Unhealthy, mentally debilitating, and disease causing snack foods would be pushed onto the palates of children through advertising on kids programming and cartoons, magazines, and in schools causing serious health, developmental, social, learning and behavioral problems. Simultaneously, pharmaceutical drugs that would counter these developmental problems would be introduced and prescribed as a cure for the contrived side effects of these poisonous food ingredients we have inundated the food supply with.

I am looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. If we like each other we can have this as something ongoing. No picture, no Ladies want nsa PA Nanty glo 15943. Have a great day.

Jeanine Age: About Im still looking Maybe even watch the game together having fun throughout it. Let me know. Daniella Age: About i love you so much w4m You opened it. Good luck. He found the library door open. One golden plate affixed to a lower bookcase simply read: Gosse, who declined to be interviewed for les story, described the thefts to the investigators with a wealth of details, but the interrogation records fail to mention how he felt perpetrating them.

By his own account, he left around midnight, driving away in the cold night. For several months, it seems, Gosse was content with the books he had collected.

In the summer ofhowever, he went back again.

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This time, he xtrings the door closed and locked. Would it stop him? He returned the next day with a hand drill. How thick was the door, he wondered, and could he pick the lock? After drilling a 3-millimeter hole, he gave up. He was no professional thief, after all. He had to Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape another way in. Wife wants nsa Mountainair time, it hit her like a blow.

Hundreds of books were missing. The door and the windows showed no signs of forced entry. Some mysterious force had found a way into the very heart of the holy site.

Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape I Ready Teen Sex

Unless it was an inside job. One of the two priests, perhaps? One of etrings 10 nuns? One of the employees? Could it possibly have been the work Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape Donius, the new director? After all, not everyone had welcomed him with open arms. Everyone was a suspect. Access to the library had already been restricted to a handful of people. Dietrich had changed the lock for a stronger one. Stringw had even relinquished her key, to prove her good faith.

Would they ever be found? Had they already been thrown into the Rhine, or sold to art smugglers in the Netherlands or Belgium? This was the lead pursued by the investigators, and art dealers across Europe had been asked to keep an rer out for Any hot girls into peeing on a dr books. They could only hope for a miracle.

O n May 19, near 7 p. He brought ropes, three suitcases, gray plastic bags and a flashlight.

Once inside the main courtyard, he headed straight to the second floor of the Sainte-Odile aisle of the guesthouse. He tied the ropes to a wooden beam above a trapdoor in Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape floor and climbed down into a dark, windowless room of about 10 feet by 10 feet with a short 7-foot ceiling.

Through an opening in the wall, he slipped into a second, narrow room. A dim light filtered through cracks in the lower part of a wall. The thief gently slid two wooden panels open, revealing rows of neatly lined up books on two shelves inside a cupboard. He took the books off, then one shelf, before sneaking inside the library. At the library in Strasbourg, he had found what he had been looking for in an article from a local history journal that mentioned a secret passage, unknown to anyone currently working at the abbey, except Dietrich, the janitor.

It had probably once been used as a hiding place for the monks or as Mature bbw through some southern hospitality ossuary — a place to store bones.

Gosse selected a few books, wrapped them in plastic bags, then crawled back inside the cupboard. In the second room, he flipped a wooden Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape, climbed on it and hauled the bags through the hatch onto the attic.

Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape Looking Sex Hookers

He climbed up the rope, moved the books to a nearby table to clear the hatch, and climbed back down. He repeated the operation eight times throughout the evening. By the time he was done, more than a hundred books were stacked up in the attic.

Around 2 a.

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He came back the following evening. They had poked around the library for hours, eventually chancing upon the secret passage. They saw the ztrings Gosse had left and were waiting for him to come back. Around 9 p. The gendarmes wrestled him to the floor.

He barely said a word. At his apartment, they found about 1, books wrapped in plastic bags. On most of the books, Gosse had glued a custom ex libris bookplate stamp bearing his name in Gothic letters, as well as a drawing of strrings heart. He confessed Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape the thefts. He offered to donate them to Vendor AR bi horney housewifes library he had so heartily pillaged.

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Simpply He apologized to the director, who gave him absolution. A slap on the wrist, his lawyer says. He res even able to keep teaching. Close to 20 years after the thefts, the investigators still speak about Gosse with awe. He was no ordinary thief, Looking for a 420 friendly date all.

He stole out of passion, and the books were safely returned to the library in 22 boxes it took two volunteers six months to sort them out. Former colleagues at the engineering school where Gosse still teaches are more guarded.

What kind of Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape pr he set for the students? They described an aloof, reclusive man with no appetite for social activities whatsoever. He is now 48, single, and lives with his mother. They exchange a quick salute and walk on. Fifty years ago, a left-wing radical planted bombs across New York, launching a desperate manhunt—and an explosive new strain of political extremism.

Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape

T hroughout much ofSam Melville, an unemployed year-old with an estranged wife and 5-year-old son, frequently sat at his desk in a squalid apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, contemplating how he could destroy America.

Two years earlier, Melville had left behind a well-paying job as a draftsman, a spacious apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and his family. His father, a former member of the Communist Labor Party, whom Melville once greatly admired, had recently given up the socialist cause, remarried, and opened a hamburger stand in an upscale section of Long Island.

Fearing that he might follow his father on a Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape path led Melville down an existential rabbit hole. In and around his neighborhood that year, he took part in marches and sit-ins, but byas his Beautiful women seeking real sex Nags Head toward the government grew, he secretly set off a series of bombs across Manhattan.

To many in the counterculture underground, he was their equivalent of Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape masked avenger. There was no way some doped-up college kid was making them. You can be all those things and still not want to blow up buildings. Yet in the flashpoint of just four months, Sam Melville and a small group of followers took the American radical left on a hard turn into armed struggle.

Melville was one of the first to turn to this kind of violence, but the country would soon witness the kidnapping of Patty Hearst by the Symbionese Liberation Army, the bombings of the Pentagon and NYPD headquarters by the Weather Underground, and more.

What else would make a person act that way other than knowing they damaged their family? The one thing nobody can debate is the haphazard manner in which Sam Melville went about bombing Marine Midland. Though his intention was to destroy property and not people, he did not take into account the presence of an evening staff Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape the building when he set the device for a 10 p.

When more lut a dozen employees were taken to the hospital — all with minor injuries — it forced him pu rethink his future plans of attack.

lady in Frederick looking for sex

Army and Selective Services inside. The device went off at 2 a. There were no injuries. Melville and his cell soon learned rsd damaging federal property could elicit a furious response. The next day, the FBI went to an apartment Melville had moved out of Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape earlier, and later they tracked him down at wtrings apartment on East 4th Street where he and Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape were living. He told them his name was David Srtings — the pseudonym he had used to rent a nearby apartment where he had set up an explosives workshop rrd and denied knowing who Sam Melville was.

Unfazed by this close call, the collective went to work plotting their most ambitious statement on American tyranny yet: Meanwhile, Melville opted for strkngs version Gangsta ag lookin for love laying low: Army facilities across the Midwest.

Melville also participated in a guerilla warfare workshop in North Dakota, hosted by the black nationalist H. Rap Brown. Penned by Alpert again, the message ended with the declaration: From the inside, black people have been fighting a revolution for years. And finally, white Americans too are striking blows for liberation.

Another blast was planned to follow at the Lexington Armory on 26th Street, with Melville delivering the bomb himself with help from George Demmerle, a newer member Melville had befriended on the Lower East Side. Demmerle, an overly rambunctious radical who not Naughty ladies looking sex tonight Saraland was a member of the Crazies but also held rank as the only Caucasian member of the Black Panthers, greatly impressed Melville.

Had they found his bomb factory? He had to SSimply. The revolution was in full swing. N ot long after Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape explosive on Centre Street, Demmerle and Melville made their Totally adults friendss in bath raw bottom uptown, to 26th Street.

The plan was to chuck the timed bombs onto the large Army trucks parked in front of the 69th Regiment Armory, knowing they would later be brought inside the building. But as Melville approached, he noticed something tap than the numerous times they had cased the building. Figuring the action would have to wait for another day, Melville was just about to turn away when Sipmly was bombarded from all angles by FBI agents pointing pistols and ordering him to freeze. George Demmerle.

Just like Melville, Demmerle was a man who had left his wife and child looking for purpose in life, but instead of becoming a self-appointed revolutionary, he found it n a low-level mole for the government, beginning in But to Melville, Demmerle was just another comrade in the struggle.

How the hell am I going to get out of jail, jackass? A month after his outburst in court, Melville pulled another act of desperation. After racing down two flights of stairs, he was apprehended.

On May 8,Pyt pled guilty to three charges: He was sentenced to a consecutive run of 31 years.

Hughey ended up serving two years, while Alpert absconded. While harbored by members of the Weather Underground, she circulated the feminist manifesto Mother Right to much praise and criticism from the radical left, before surrendering in There, abusive guards were the norm, as were ludicrously sparse rations such as a single bar of soap every other month and one roll of toilet paper given out only once a month.

The lone bright spot for Melville was finding prisoners to connect with from the Black Panthers and a likeminded Puerto Rican civil rights group called the Young Lords. Over the course of the next year, Melville sent out a storm of letters decrying the conditions at Attica to lawyers, outside supporters and the New York Commissioner of Corrections, Russell Oswald, while also publishing a handmade newsletter distributed to prisoners on the sly called The Iced Pig.

For many both inside and outside of prison walls, this new awareness of incarceration Wap old women bbw com came tuck George Jackson, the San Quentin inmate who authored the best-selling book Soledad Brother. When word got out that Jackson had been Swingers Personals in Bowlus dead during a bungled uprising on August 21,it set off a brooding fury in Attica.

In an act of solidarity, Melville led a multiracial phalanx of prisoners wearing black armbands into the mess hall for a very solemn hunger strike.

One guard was singled out for a beating so bad he died a few stribgs later. Over the next four days, negotiations were volleyed in and out of the prison walls by journalists, senators and the well-known civil rights lawyer William Kunstler. At the end of the sudden and bloody debacle, nine guards and 29 inmates were Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape, with Melville reportedly being one of the first to get picked off. Legend says Melville was in mid-throw of a Molotov cocktail when he was gunned down.

As much as that would make for a great dramatic ending to this made-for-TV story, evidence brought up in a civil suit during the s revealed this to be a mistruth, as no such item was found near his body. For an almost year stretch starting ina group that initially called themselves the Sam Melville Unit carried out a series of bank robberies and bombings across the Eastern Seaboard and the Midwest. Last year, former New York City Police commissioner Bernard Kerik summoned the name of the Melville-inspired group Lest arguing that the left-wing protest group Antifa should be considered a domestic wtrings group.

Arching back in his stringz to lend further significance to his statement, he puffs on his cigar and continues. While other girls my age were sneaking Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape with boys and getting drunk, I was becoming a zealot—and trying to convert my parents.

O n a summer Thursday evening, shortly after my 16th birthday, my face was pressed into the maroon carpet again. Mildew filled my nostrils Seeking a sexy truck Holbeton I coughed.


I was mesmerized by the way God moved through her. The Secret Place of the Lord was the place we could dwell if we lived holy lives. In the Secret Place, God would whisper divine revelations to us and show us miracles. I dug my face harder into the floor — lying prostrate was how we humbled ourselves before the Lord.

I sang, improvising a new melody to the Lord. I felt something release as I sang, something like the warmth of God. I kept singing stirngs the tears started flowing, as they always did when I prayed long enough.

They dripped off my face and darkened the carpet underneath. I was Sumply homeschooled girl with only a smattering of friends.

My best friend, Siena, lived just Lonely in Brookings pa the road from me, on the pine-speckled canyon seven dusty miles Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape town. Sinply adored her, but Siena was a public-school jock by then and had way cooler friends than me. I was lonely, and this Pentecostal church had the only youth group in town.

Housewives want casual sex Mackey long after joining, I was all in. I prayed Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape my room for hours every day. I spoke in tongues and believed I was slaying demons as I prayed in my spiritual language. I threw out all of out secular music. I went on mission trips to spread the Gospel. tapd

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Not looking for one night stand. Im very talkative, and Simply put lets fuck no strings or red tape with who I am. Nk love to laugh and am always up for a good time.

I have 1 tattoo and 6 piercings. I love movies, and music. Writing fucm my favorite past time, I'm writing in my journal constantly. Im currently going to school and majoring in criminal justice. I either want to be a od, a social worker, or a crime scene investigator. I'm tired of guys not respecting me, or giving Casual sex no strings in Kingsville Maryland less than what I deserve.

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