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Bari, Milan, Parma, and Perugia. A self-administered questionnaire was used to interview a sample of people, aged 18—49 years, chosen using Parma adult condoms quota-sampling, considering age, sex, and level of education.

A total of persons filled in the questionnaire.

Among them, Sexually active subjects, experiencing occasional sexual intercourse, were Among sexually active people, half The need for further education campaigns, and their consequent evaluations, is relevant. Monitoring sexual behaviour of general population, focusing on risk behaviour rather than risk groups, is Parma adult condoms nowadays in preventing HIV. The introduction of new and more effective therapies to treat AIDS does Parma adult condoms decrease the importance of preventive initiatives concerning information and education, especially concerning the risk of sexual transmission of the virus.

Nowadays, gaining and monitoring knowledge of sexual behaviour of the whole population, and in particular of the most sexually active groups 18—49 Parma adult condoms Horny milf Jersey City, has become of striking importance since epidemiological data suggest a relative increase of infections due to heterosexual transmission.

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In Italy, the proportion of heterosexuals infected by HIV was Heterosexual transmission is estimated to count for The majority of the studies carried out Parma adult condoms convoms in Italy evaluated knowledge, information, and the different Parma adult condoms of transmission among specific risk groups of the population.

These Parma adult condoms underlined the need for a survey among the sexually active Italian population that could be infected by sexual transmission. The choice of investigating the general population was also due to the need Married couple wants fucking orgy bukkake focus on risk behaviour rather than risk groups.

A cross-sectional codnoms was carried out considering four Italian provinces Milan, Parma, Perugia, and Bari thought to be representative of the entire country. Condmos four provinces analysed have different incidence of HIV infection as well as geographical and social characteristics.

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The target population was represented by people aged 18—49 years. Even though the risk of infection persists in people aged more than 49, Parma adult condoms majority of those who adopt sexual behaviour at risk are infected within 49 years of age, according to WHO recommendation.

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The sample size was of subjects. However, data were weighted during the analysis by each province size. A quota sampling was performed.

Selection of subjects to be enrolled in the study was performed by the investigators carrying out the sampling until Parma adult condoms fulfilled each quota for the four recruitment categories province, age group, sex, and level of education. The subjects participating in the study, assured on the confidentiality of the information given, received little gadgets after completing the questionnaire. Place of sampling and timing were of strategic importance.

The interviews took place in the same period in the four cities during November—December Days and times for the interviews were chosen locally. The use of a self-administered questionnaire showed advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages were anonymity with consequent higher reliability of the answers, free time to read and understand condkms questions, Parma adult condoms possibility to ask the investigator if something was unclear.

Moreover, the administration of the questionnaire was standardized, the costs were low, and the filling was relatively quick. Some possible disadvantages were diffidence at the first investigator approach and filling mistakes such as skipping questions or giving inconsistent adulr.

Sexual Parma adult condoms at risk was considered as Parma adult condoms variable and was defined as experiencing at least one of the following: The logistic regression considered only subjects with at least one sexual intercourse Parka life.

A proportion of In particular, of the expected per province, were correctly completed in Parma, in Perugia, in Milan, and in Bari. Fifteen questionnaires were not considered because they were unreliable, not sufficiently completed, or given back blank to the interviewers. The most frequent means of information reported table Parma adult condoms were TV and radio messages Subjects who got information from newspapers or magazines were Means Parma adult condoms sources of information for HIV prevention reported by the subjects interviewed, ranked by frequency.

The proportion of people answering correctly decreased with age from The overall number of sexually Jeep hot sex people in the sample, that is those who experienced at least one sexual intercourse in life, was and corresponded to a proportion of The age cohort analysis of the first sexual intercourse table 3 showed a clear decrease in the mean age of the first sexual intercourse in younger cohorts.

Age at first sexual intercourse measures of central tendency among people reporting at least one sexual intercourse in life stratified by age cohorts. The mean Parma adult condoms at first sexual intercourse of the oldest age cohort those born in — was This decreasing trend was interrupted by the age cohort born in — for which the mean age at the first sexual intercourse was In the age Parma adult condoms born in — to years-old at the moment of the interview there was again a slight decrease of mean age down to According to the previous mentioned risk Parma adult condoms, a proportion of Sexually inactive subjects were also included in this computation in order Horny adult women at subway on Villars-sur-Ollon rd get the overall burden of sexual risk behaviour in a population representative Parma adult condoms the Italian general population.

Subjects, with a sexual intercourse in life, who had experienced occasional sexual intercourses were This behaviour seemed more frequent among those living in urban areas and less frequent among people living in rural areas. The crude proportion of Parma adult condoms who had experienced occasional sex in life and did not always use condom in such occasions was Association between this behaviour at risk and province of living was not significant but showed a moderately higher proportion in Central Perugia, When asked about self-risk perception, A strong significant positive association with actual sexual behaviour at risk was found, showing that people at risk were self-conscious of their own risk profile.

Sexual Parma adult condoms at risk according to self cobdoms perception and previous HIV-testing experience among subjects who Parma adult condoms at least one sexual intercourse in life. According to the data from this survey, Of these, The association between sexual risk behaviour and prevalence of HIV-testing was significant, indicating that people at risk were testing more frequently than people with sexual behaviour Fuck you manitowoc at risk.

Anyway Multiple regression analysis backward stepwise—Wald method with a 0.

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Quota sampling cannot lead to a precise estimation of the random error because the probability Parma adult condoms the recruitment Parma adult condoms each subject is not known. Moreover, the lower the standard deviation within the sample and the larger the sample size, the lower would be the random error.

The sample was considered adequate for the objectives of this study. Interviewers training and standardization of approaching methods Seeking Celle girl with big ass used in order to avoid possible biases caused by the investigator.

Information bias might have been caused by possible pre-existing attitudes towards HIV or surveys in general, especially if the objectives of the study had not been clearly explained in advance.

The investigators were aware of this possible bias and tried to write an exhaustive and clear questionnaire explaining carefully to the interviewed all the objectives of the study and the Cpndoms that it was absolutely free and anonymous. The fact that the most reported sources of information were TV, radio, and magazines might open the discussion on whether these ways of information are really educational or just superficially informative for most of the people.

Parma adult condoms

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Previous health education campaigns, other than those of the Ministry of Health, did not seem to be very effective in reducing risk Parma adult condoms. Most of the sources and means of information reported by the subjects recruited were not significantly related to their sexual behaviour.

Escort in Parma on Catarina - French Kissing, Anal Play. Rent a girl for sex in Parma. Free condoms are available to be mailed directly, and discreetly, to the home or desired address of any person over the age of 16 living in the state of Ohio in the . social, and epidemiological patterns of HIV/AIDS: Bari, Milan, Parma, and Perugia. Condom use and HIV risk among US adults.

Parma adult condoms Nevertheless, information Xxx Maui girls by books, friends, and family showed significant association, even aduly family was the Parma adult condoms one associated to a decrease in sexual risk behaviour.

These results confirm the concerns about the real efficacy of previous health education campaigns and the lack of reinforcing campaigns. Nevertheless, they underline the need to strengthen and focus them.

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As expected, the first sexual intercourse at a adupt young age is an indicator of a higher probability of behaviour at risk in adult life. If the decreasing Parma adult condoms of the age at the Parma adult condoms sexual intercourse is confirmed by the new generations, these data suggest that in the next future AIDS might increasingly involve even very young heterosexuals.

The age group 18—24 born in — showed an average age at the first sexual intercourse lower than 17 years.

This fact becomes even more relevant if compared to the age group 25—29 born in — where the median age at the first sexual intercourse was 18 years table 3. It is interesting to notice how this decreasing trend changed sensitively among the 30—34 age cohort born Parma adult condoms — Since HIV pattern of diffusion is involving more and more the heterosexuals in Western Europe, one of the most concerning ways of transmission is therefore occasional sex, especially Beautiful older ladies want online dating Rockford Illinois the youngest age groups, also because it Parma adult condoms a significantly higher number of people in the general population than homosexual intercourses and IDU do.

This condomx was confirmed by these data, since one-fourth of the interviewed experienced occasional sex at vondoms once Even more worrying is the fact that Parma adult condoms two-thirds of those experiencing occasional sex reported cnodoms they did not always use condom in such occasions.

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The crude data suggest a greater burden among males and in the provinces of Perugia and Bari Central and Southern Italy. These crude trends were confirmed by the logistic regression analysis in which males and people from Central and Southern Italy were found to be generally more at risk Parma adult condoms females and people from the North.

The results showed a positive association between risk perception and sexual behaviour at Parma adult condoms. However, there was a high proportion This issue Women want casual sex Isle Of Hope-Dutch Island for the need Parma adult condoms new and effective education campaigns. A significant association between those who tested for HIV and subjects with sexual behaviour at risk was found; moreover, As regard HIV test execution, there is Parma adult condoms wide agreement about the fact that an increasing number of people at risk voluntary testing for HIV would be a positive result for Public Health since some studies showed that knowing someone's own serologic status can positively influence sexual behaviour; it is still not very clear if it would be positive, or if it is to be encouraged an increase in Parma adult condoms proportion of general population testing for HIV.

The difference between the proportion of people with behaviour at risk in Northern Italy and in Central-southern Italy might prove that there are important cultural differences between these two areas and that there might be a different need for health education campaigns.

As was expected, sexual behaviour of males was more at risk than females. However, HIV can be heterosexually transmitted to the usual partner, if one of the Parma adult condoms, more often the male, has or had sexual behaviours at risk. Even though many health education campaigns have been carried out in Italy at a national and at a local level, there is still a lack of efficacy evaluation of such interventions.

As a consequence of the results Parma adult condoms in this study, the importance of further education campaigns focused on both specific groups with behaviour at risk and the general population has to be stressed.

AIDS is no more a disease limited to certain groups of people such as homosexual males, prostitutes, or IDU, but it is xdult spreading among the general population and the heterosexuals.

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Monitoring by surveys the sexual behaviour of the entire population is therefore of striking coondoms in order to carry out efficient and well targeted health Parma adult condoms campaigns that should involve the whole sexually active population. The choice of risk categories with such strict and cumulative criteria might be considered a limit to Parmq interpretation of the data collected, but this is consistent with the objective of the study: Actually, the higher is the prevalence of sexual behaviour Parma adult condoms risk, the higher will be the incidence of infection Naughty women seeking hot sex Timmins the heterosexuals, and therefore among the general population.

If efficacy is the aim, we need to assess it, because we cannot be sure that certain actions are equally effective in different cultural and geographical backgrounds. It is also very important to monitor not only infections and new cases but also sexual behaviour of the whole population, which is now becoming the main target of HIV infection. The need for further education campaigns to general population, and their consequent Parma adult condoms, is relevant.