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Cape Verde, Guinea, Sao Tome, Zanzibar, Angola, Mozambique … Portugal made a lot of mistakes in the past, ravaging the resources of some African nations, and now has a moral debt to pay.

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Because they usually speak Portuguese and national immigration policy is friendly for them, lots of Africans move to the country of their former coloniser in the hope of a better life.

In general Wonen society is friendly to these talkative Africans.

The three generations Lisbon boy for black women women are sitting in a tiny kiosk where Adelaide sells fruit and vegetables on the street. Ffor family moved to Portugal from Cape Verde three decades ago and now live on the edge of poverty, earning what little money they can from selling goods to other Chelas inhabitants. But they do not complain about their life here.

After leaving the metro at Chelas station, the first impression is that it is ordinary: Now the buildings look a bit different; they are grey, overwhelming, neglected. Inhabitants look like they are loitering.

Those we find who speak French or English are not interested in being interviewed.

We simply live bly day to another, trying to avoid problems and bring up our grandchildren as good people. A narrow corridor leads inside; the calm atmosphere of this district muffles our instinct of danger, so we leave the street to explore what is behind the wall.

It feels like entering a different dimension. Fro courtyard is empty but oppressively stuffy, with a muffled hip-hop beat from some open window piercing the silence.

We take one picture and chaos descends. Immediately, more than a dozen young black people appear from Lisbon boy for black women sides of the courtyard, hiding their faces in t-shirts, running towards us and yelling in Portuguese, encircling us and started pushing, trying to take our cameras, screaming that we are undercover police.

We see wild anger in their bloodshot eyes. Fighting to keep our cameras in our hands, we persuade them that we are just lost in their neighborhood while visiting Chelas to see how people are living here.

Finally, they are convinced, as they stand and watch all the pictures be deleted from the memory card. As we leave the building, their curiosity gives us the initiative. Shaking their hands, voy gain a bit of trust and start asking about their life, roots and problems. Showing respect, we somehow manage to start a discussion.

All around children talk and play without fear. This article was first published on the blog Europeinmotion.

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