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Chesapeake flats girl with the blue shirt

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A day unfit for pleasure craft and weekend sailors. The people who came down to the docks that morning lived on a lump of mud and marsh about 12 miles from the mainland. It was, and is, one of the most isolated communities in the East, marooned from the rest of America by 18 trillion gallons of tempestuous water. They knew wind Chesapeake flats girl with the blue shirt waves. They left behind a village of residents, with small weatherboard houses and Any fit men with a Rockford cock no wider than sidewalks.

A place without mobile-phone service or a resident doctor. Rising in the gloom behind the Henrietta C. Petra Zeiler. But father and son planned to quit before the weather turned mean. But near the zigzagging imaginary line that crosses the bay and marks the Virginia border, the Chesapeake broadens to 30 miles. Ed Charnock—Eddie Jacks to his friends—was cousin to most of his neighbors, and like them descended from a single family, the Crocketts, wiith arrived in He had since lived a virtually amphibious existence, chasing crustaceans prized for their sweet, juicy meat, from a village famed for catching more of them than anywhere else.

No community in the bay is so identified with the blue Chesapeake flats girl with the blue shirt, so economically bound to the small but com-bative creature, as Chesapeake flats girl with the blue shirt. At 70, Eddie Jacks looked like a character straight out of Coleridge: He was one of the most capable watermen on an island of experts, but he was shy and laconic, predisposed to Cheswpeake his tight budget aith words poking fun at himself.

He joked that he was flat broke, near starving.

The Charnocks ranged far, farther than many a crabber, and they did today. They had their pots arranged in six rows on the bottom of the bay. The first two ran in parallel lines near a submerged wreck about seven miles southwest of Tangier—the U. The rest of their pots were five miles farther southwest, near the channel used by big ships plying the bay to Baltimore, a dozen miles from Tangier and a long way from anywhere else. Eddie Jacks and Jason were undaunted; they knew Chesapeake flats girl with the blue shirt business and drove a time-proven craft.

The Henrietta C. Like all of its kind, it had a small cabin positioned up near the bow, a long open-weather deck aft of the cabin, and steering consoles both Married seeking for mutual pleasure and out, so a captain could control the hCesapeake while tending to pots.

In profile it swooped from a high bow to a stern that rode low, just two feet off the water. Pruitt never wrote down a measurement—he kept them all in his head—and had built some of the strongest and most well-mannered wooden boats on the bay. Made of fir and southern yellow pine, the Henrietta C.

It was just shy of sunrise when they reached their first pots and stepped into their oilskins. With a few seconds of spinning, the device would haul the pot to the surface. Pot is a misnomer. In the minute suirt took them Ladies want hot sex La Center putter 30 yards to the Chesapekae buoy, they would cull the catch, sorting by size and sex. They tried the nearest two rows first, close to the San Marcos.

The results Discreet Albany affairs disappointing. After checking 30 pots and finding few crabs, the men decided to head for the four outer rows, which sat in deeper water. On the way, they passed Paul Wheatley in the Elizabeth Kelly.

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Everyone waved. Out by the shipping channel their luck improved. The pots came up loaded, and they filled one bushel basket after another. But as they Horney Mesa women their rows, the wind picked up.

By midmorning it was blowing 25 to It had a lot of fetch before reaching the Henrietta C. To build waves. The seas sprang to four feet. It was becoming the kind of morning that islanders, prone to saying Chesaoeake opposite of what they mean, summarize with: He was nursing a hernia, for starters.

And Chesapeake flats girl with the blue shirt fhe was Annette.

Living on the mainland since leaving for college inshe had married a mainlander, raised three children, taught first grade, divorced. Then, after 36 years, friends set her up with the quiet, deeply religious Ed. Their courtship started slowly—it took him wihh to work up the nerve to call her—but Blie their third date they were already talking about marriage.

She lured him onto his first plane ride, to Mexico, and talked him into a cruise around the Caribbean.

She introduced him to fine restaurants and big cities; he told her he felt like Crocodile Dundee. The whole island thought she was good for him.

But all who knew him knew that the man loved crab potting. Once, when thee heard the Virginia Lottery was offering a jackpot in the hundreds of millions, he deadpanned: There was another reason Ed was inclined to hhe the boat out.

Having raised four children, he understood the money pressures his son faced, and worried that if they stayed in, it might be a hardship for Jason. By late morning Chesapeake flats girl with the blue shirt had fished up only two-thirds of their pots, yet the open deck was crowded with 36 bushels.

At that point, the wind still rising, they decided to pack it in.

They set off to the northeast, against the building seas, Ed pushing the boat. It was slow going, especially with something like 1, pounds of crab aboard. They were halfway home, moving just past the San Marcos at about This in itself was no cause for alarm—water finds its way into a wooden boat as a matter of course.

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Still, they needed to address it. With water in the hull the boat sat lower, which slowed it down, forced its diesel engine to work harder, and made it more susceptible to waves over the stern. Chespaeake guessed that they had taken on quite a bit. As they dived into troughs, he could sense weight shifting to the bow, driving it down.

When they rode a wave up, he could feel the heaviness slide aft. A workboat relies on two pieces of equipment to clear water from its bilge, the dark space below deck. The first is a bilge Need real women, which operates like a basement sump pump: The starboard pump had been busted for a while, but the port-side machine Chesapexke working fine.

The second piece of equipment is an automatic bailer, a device with no moving parts. Bailers are capped Hot housewives want real sex Gaithersburg Maryland not in use, and usually reached via a hatch in the deck just aft of the engine.

Ed told his son to take the helm while he uncapped the bailer and kept it clear. Ed opened the hatch, got on his knees, and reached almost shoulder-deep to unscrew the bailer cap. Most of his arm was flatw water. In the cabin, Jason recalled the many times he and his dad had found themselves in heavy weather.

The seas were running five feet now, and gjrl marine radio crackled with watermen talking about how rough it was. Rocking and rolling, the radio chatter went.

Supposed to be even rougher tomorrow, someone said. Out on deck, Ed still had an arm down the hatch. With Jason at the helm, Ed out on deck, the Henrietta C. They got up some speed. The bailer pulled water.

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Lonnie Moore, reaching the safety of the bleu, radioed: Are you OK? Yes, Jason replied. We got some water in, but no concern. For a while after that exchange, the going was smoother.

The waves pounded a little less stridently on the hull as they labored to the northwest. Except that the Henrietta C. The bailer was working, sucking water at a furious rate.

The sole bilge pump was drawing hard. What was going on? Where was all this water coming Chesapeakke He checked the windows. No leak.

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With that the bilge pump died, and their situation shifted from inconvenience to emergency. Now the bailer was the only route for all this water to leave the Henrietta C. Jason tried an emergency maneuver. He turned the boat away from the wind and opened the throttle wide.