Engineering,Manufacturing Job Consultancy in Hyderabad,Chennai

Manufacturing 1Manufacturing industry has a remarkable contribution to the global economy, upon that Automotive, Oil and Gas, Heavy Equipments, Electrical & Electronics, Power Plants, Steel, and Ceramics Industries are majorly focused on Research & Development, Designing, manufacturing, development, marketing and selling of various components. These industries are looking for professionals with sound technical acquaintance and logical brain to attain organizational goals.

We always maintain consistent value to our clients, through uncompromised recruitment services, that enable efficient hiring of Manufacturing Job Consultancy in Hyderabad of appropriate capabilities and qualities.

We are proficient at hiring candidates from multiple domains concurrently as per the demands of our esteemed clients. Our consultants are skilled and have extensive knowledge in Manufacturing and other related industries. We believe our expertise and assurance, while sourcing and screening profiles in recruitment process has made us to be the first preference for our client choice.

Some of the positions we actively recruit

Production Engineers
QC / QA Engineer
Process Engineers
Design Engineers
Industrial Engineer
CAD /CAM Engineer
Civil Engineer
Mechanical Engineers
Electrical & Electronics Engineers
Instrumentation Engineers
Heavy Equipment Operators
Line Supervisors
Sales & Business Development